Enrollment is open throughout the year and students may enroll at any time,  if space is available !

Typically, Boise River Montesorri's Fall Session runs from September to December, with the Spring Session running from January through May; the Summer Session runs from June through late-August.  Applications must include current immunization records,  an  emergency contact form as well as a Application/1st Time Registration fee and a refundable Security Deposit.

Prior to COVID-19, we offered discounts for families enrolling more than one student and may offer such discounts again after the Pandemic.  We no longer offer this discount at this time.

Please call our office to arrange a meeting with our Director of Education and to take a tour.   The director will be glad to answer your questions and help you with the application forms. 

Tuition & Fees (prior COVID-19)
Tuition varies by curriculum:  we offer Half-Day,  Full-Day and Full-Day/Plus curriculums with options for full or partial-week attendance.  Additional Fees include, but are not limited to, special services fees (eg. Diaper Service and/or our Toddler Care Service); generally, we have no "early drop-off" fees.   Currently, we offer only Half-Day and Full-Day programs during the Pandemic.