FEBRUARY 4, 2021: No new reported cases of COVID-19.  The exposed staff member will return Monday, February 8th.   A CASE OF FIFTH DISEASE WAS REPORTED.
JANUARY 31, 2021: The exposed staff member was unable to re-test this weekend and will not return to BRMI until February 8th (14 days after exposure).
JANUARY 25, 2021:  Staff member reports COVID19 exposure, but tested Negative.
DECEMBER 28, 2020:  No new COVID-19 cases have been reported.
DECEMBER 13, 2020:  No new COVID-19 Cases have been reported.
DECEMBER 5, 2020: A BRMI parent reported that their Toddler tested COVID Positive.
DECEMBER 3, 2020:  BRMI parents are asked to make their own appointments for COVID-19 testing (we were unable to set up a "group" test). Tests should be taken this Friday 12/04 (PCR) or Sat/Sunday (Rapid Test).  A Negative Test Result is required for re-admittance. A list of local COVID-19 sites is attached, below.
DECEMBER 2, 2020:  The retest  (3rd test) for the COVID-19 Positive Child came back POSITIVE.  BRMI will not re-open until Monday, Dec 7th, at the earliest Staff and Student Covid-19 Testing will be required prior to re-admittance.  See "FOR BRMI PARENTS" for further details.
DECEMBER 1, 2020:  A BRMI parent reported that their child tested Positive for Covid-19 yesterday, Monday Nov 30th.  The child later tested Negative. We are awaiting a third test result this evening and fourth (PCR) Test result on Dec 3rd.  The school will be closed until we are comfortable with the Negative test results.  See "For BRMI Parents" for details.
NOVEMBER 15 2020:  No COVID-19 exposures were reported this past week.  Important!  Please read our COVID-19 Policy Clarification, below.  It outlines our current Quarantine and Return To School Policy.