APRIL 11, 2021 - No new COVID19 cases reported, but several families self-quarantined following Spring Break.
MARCH 28, 2021 - No new COVID-19 cases reported.
MARCH 19, 2021:  No new reported cases of COVID-19 at BRMI.  All staff members have now been fully vaccinated.  No further cases of FIFTH disease have been reported since February 4th. 
FEBRUARY 4, 2021: No new reported cases of COVID-19.  The exposed staff member will return Monday, February 8th.   A CASE OF FIFTH DISEASE WAS REPORTED.
JANUARY 31, 2021: The exposed staff member was unable to re-test this weekend and will not return to BRMI until February 8th (14 days after exposure).
JANUARY 25, 2021:  Staff member reports COVID19 exposure, but tested Negative.
DECEMBER 28, 2020:  No new COVID-19 cases have been reported.
DECEMBER 13, 2020:  No new COVID-19 Cases have been reported.
DECEMBER 5, 2020: A BRMI parent reported that their Toddler tested COVID Positive.
DECEMBER 3, 2020:  BRMI parents are asked to make their own appointments for COVID-19 testing (we were unable to set up a "group" test). Tests should be taken this Friday 12/04 (PCR) or Sat/Sunday (Rapid Test).  A Negative Test Result is required for re-admittance. A list of local COVID-19 sites is attached, below.
DECEMBER 2, 2020:  The retest  (3rd test) for the COVID-19 Positive Child came back POSITIVE.  BRMI will not re-open until Monday, Dec 7th, at the earliest Staff and Student Covid-19 Testing will be required prior to re-admittance.  See "FOR BRMI PARENTS" for further details.