JULY 26 2020:  The BRMI employee who reported exposure to COVID-19 over the weekend of July 10th has tested Positive, but is asymptomatic (as are other members of her family). We were informed of this development on Saturday, July 25th. She has been self-quarantined at our request since July 13th. At this time, we do not believe she exposed the school to COVID19 --- another employee tested NEGATIVE since that time and none of our other employees have reported any illness.  We are requiring that the infected employee provide a Negative Viral COVID19 Test Result (Non-infective/Non-active) before returning to the school.  We continue practicing our Safety Measures on a daily basis.   Note - it often takes 10 or more days for asymptomatic test results.
JULY 23  2020:  Details - Another employee reported that her mother tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend of July 10th.   She is awaiting her personal test results and will not be allowed back to the school until the condition is deemed safe. Since reporting the exposure, she has felt fine, as have all other members of her household with the exception her mother whose symptoms were mild.  We are monitoring the situation.
JULY 2 2020: Our self-quarantined BRMI employee tested Negative to COVID19.  For all of our sakes, please self-quarantine if you feel that you have been exposed to COVID19.   We will be continuing our 8:30-4:30PM Hours of Operation through the Fall 2020.  Our Toddler Program will be Half-Day Only. Our pricings have increased significantly but will not impact those parents who have been with us continuously since we opened this past May.  Face Masks are NOW REQUIRED by the City of Boise for everyone 5-years of age and older when in public places, effective July 4th.