MAY 19 2020:  BRMI re-opened May 18th. June Invoices have been emailed to all parents who have indicated that they are planning to attend the June 2020 session.  Summer Registration Fees are also due.  Tuition Payments for June are due by May 26th.  For those who did not submit our Re-Opening survey, please see Forms, complete the "Returning To BRMI" form, and return it to us now.  This form is required prior to re-admittance if you did not already provide us with your "Re-Opening" Survey responses.  
MAY 10 2020:  Re-Opening Procedures are in effect. Please read them. Thank you.
MAY 6 2020:  May 18th is the intended Re-Opening Date for BRMI.  General Invoices were emailed today to all parents planning to return on the 18th.   A completed Survey (under Forms) and payment in full are due by May 12th for re-admittance on May 18th.  Parents planning to attend on June 1st should complete the Re-Opening Survey if they have not done so.  Invoicing for June 1st has not been emailed at this time. 
MAY 2 2020:  BRMI is planning to re-open on May 18th. Your completed Re-Opening Survey is required by May 11th for re-admittance.  We will not be able to accept children UNDER 3 YEARS of age until June 1st at the earliest due to staffing. Please see "For BRMI Parents", at left, for details.