OCTOBER 8 2020:   Two COVID-19 exposures were reported to us this morning, Thursday October 8th. In the first case, a BRMI parent reported possible exposure while at work. In the second case, a sibling of one of our children was exposed while attending public school. In neither case has the parent nor child reported a personal Positive COVID-19 Test result. In both cases, the BRMI children are being self-quarantined by their parents.  The BRMI staff has been alerted and additional sanitation steps are being taken as a precautionary measure.

   We sincerely thank the involved parents for being both proactive and responsible!

SEPTEMBER 20 2020:  No new cases of COVID-19 have been reported at the school.
AUGUST 12 2020:  As noted on our home page, a BRMI mother voluntarily removed her child from attendance as a precautionary measure today after she learned that she may have been exposed to COVID19 at a business meeting last week (a co-worker reported that he had tested Positive). Neither mother nor child are displaying any signs of COVID19 and appear in good health.  If the situation changes, we will immediately notify our BRMI parents.  We thank the mother for her prompt and proactive actions and for acting responsibly.
JULY 26 2020:  The BRMI employee who reported exposure to COVID-19 over the weekend of July 10th has tested Positive, but is asymptomatic (as are other members of her family). We were informed of this development on Saturday, July 25th. She has been self-quarantined at our request since July 13th. At this time, we do not believe she exposed the school to COVID19 --- another employee tested NEGATIVE since that time and none of our other employees have reported any illness.  We are requiring that the infected employee provide a Negative Viral COVID19 Test Result (Non-infective/Non-active) before returning to the school.  We continue practicing our Safety Measures on a daily basis.   Note - it often takes 10 or more days for asymptomatic test results.