Our students often form strong relationships with their fellow students and our staff. Many parents have commented how much they, and their children, love their experience at Boise River Montessori  --- especially the social gatherings, pot-lucks, presentations and graduations.   Below are several testimonials from our "parents":

"...Thanks again Cindi, we have seen such a change in Liam's confidence, knowledge of the world around him and his compassion towards others the past year and half.  I know that you and your staff have had a direct influence and we deeply respect your abilities to run  such a classroom and environment!".  --- Lana and Andy Weber Wells

"Thank you for nurturing, loving and opening the minds of my girls.  I appreciate you all.  They love school because of you".  --- Dr. Helen Kuo

We LOVE our Boise River Montessori teachers!  Thank you all for fostering a love of learning in our girls!!".  --- the Robisons​

"Stella looks forward to going every day.  She has been exposed to many new ideas and different paths of learning.  Most every day she comes home talking about something new and exciting that she did or learned.  Cindy and her staff are very passionate and caring.  My older daughter attended a Montessori school when she was Stella's age so I am very familiar with the principles and philosophy of the program.  As with anything though, the quality of the experience depends on the people who are charged with implementing it.   The level of professionalism and  the commitment to the children at Boise River Montessori makes for a unique learning environment that has allowed my child to not just grow, but to thrive. " -  Ted Cook