​Updated Jan 8th 2023
   We ask all members of our BRMI Community to take extra precautions during the holidays. We all want to keep our school in operation. Please observe the following safe COVID-19 practices:  
  • Practice Social Distancing, Hand-washing, Masking (when appropriate) 
  • Avoid large gatherings of more than 6-8 people, when possible
  • Meet in open, well-ventilated fresh-air areas, when possible
  • Limit “community” interactions to your immediate “pod” (household), when possible
  If you or members of your household or guests attend a high-risk gathering or travel, please self-quarantine for several days upon your return. If you show no symptoms of COVID-19 after the third day (3) of your return, AND have been vaccinated or have had COVID19, AND test COVID-19 Negative, we consider you safe to return to the school. Otherwise, please follow our standard COVID19 Quarantine Protocol and test on the 5th Day of your return.
   Please enjoy the Holidays and please take every possible precaution to reduce your and your family’s exposure to COVID-19 and its spread!  We are all counting on ONE ANOTHER!

                        ---- Cindi

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