Tip #1:  Take time EVERY DAY to connect one-on-one with your child.  Ask them how their day is going. Take interest in what they are doing --- let them explain it to you.  Help them reduce their fears.  Just listen and share their experience.
Tip #2:  Read to your child(ren) DAILY.   Pick a story that they love and share a snuggle-fest reading it to them.  Older children love an ongoing story, chapter by chapter.
Tip #3:  Your children relish exploring something "new" for the day!  Cater to this need by dividing their toys into 7 boxes labeled Monday through Sunday.  Each box of toys comes out ONLY on its day of the week.  The toys are returned to their box at the end of that day and the box is put out-of-sight.  Special "care and comfort" toys and items are exempt and are always available.   This practice reduces boredom and increases children's appreciation for what they have (and keeps the house a little neater).  
Tip #4:  Take mini-adventure trips by walking a trail or a walk around the block.  Stop and note the birds, insects and plants, the clouds.  Share a small picnic in the backyard.  Enjoy the time together and the sunlight!
Tip #5:  Establish Routines and a Daily Schedule for Lessons and Special Activities.  Kids love consistency!  It establishes the baseline from which something "new" (Tip #3) stands out!
Tip #6:   See Our Online Songs (on left)!  Also visit VOOKS at www.Vooks.com for online story telling and visit "Scholastic Learn At Home: Free Resources for School Closure".
PARENTING TIPS for STAY-AT-HOME PARENTS....  We hope these help!