Sunday, October 24th 2021

Dear BRMI Parents, 

        Today, a BRMI parent reported that their child attending our school was indirectly exposed to COVID19 through their sibling who had been exposed at another daycare center.  Per our policy, the children are being quarantined and will be COVID19 tested on the 5th day from their last day of exposure.  We had a previous case in which another child had been exposed, but tested Negative, following their quarantine period.   We thank the parents for doing the right thing and alerting us to exposures.

   Lastly, please dress your children warmly (we will continue venting the buildings hourly!) and, as always for our children's sake, please DRIVE SLOWLY in the parking lot.   Feel free to give me a call or send an email if you have any question regarding this update.    Please be Safe and Stay Healthy! Thank you!               
                                --- Cindi Gonzalez  (208) 344-6303 School / 371-1727 Cell