Sunday, April 11th 2021

Dear Boise River Montessori Families,

   Just as a reminder, our COVID-19 Quarantine Policy (see the Quarantine Guide under "Returning Procedures") remains in effect.  No new COVID19 cases were reported following Spring Break.

   BRMI is seeking Classroom Assistants!  Other positions may also be available.  If you know someone who would be a good match for our BRMI Team, please have them contact me.  We're interested!  Our Referral Award Program also includes New Hires.    

   Lastly, again, please DRIVE SLOWLY in the parking lot.  No one wants an accident and no one wants to see a child hurt.   Please be ultra-careful!    

​     Please give me a call or send an email if you have any question regarding this update.    As always, please be Safe and Stay Healthy! Thank you!  

               ---   Cindi Gonzalez  (208) 344-6303 School / 371-1727 Cel