Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Dear BRMI Parents, 

     A sibling of a child attending BRMI has tested COVID19 Positive. The sibling attends public school. Per our COVID19 Protocol (under the "Returning Procedures" Tab on the Left), we have instructed the parents to COVID19 test our BRMI student 5 days after exposure and not return before 7 days, if the test is Negative. If not tested or if Test Positive, the default quarantine period is 14 days from Day of Exposure.   BRMI will continue to follow its preventative health precaution measures (i.e. health questions, hand-washing, ventilation, masking, and when necessary quarantine).  All BRMI staff have been COVID19 vaccinated.

   Lastly, as always for our children's sake, please DRIVE SLOWLY in the parking lot.   Feel free to give me a call or send an email if you have any question regarding this update.    Please be Safe and Stay Healthy! Thank you!               
                                --- Cindi Gonzalez  (208) 344-6303 School / 371-1727 Cell